At Potential Unlocked Community Hub, our motto is to educate, empower and equip families with knowledge, skills and resources to become a strong unit.

No strong families are made over night, strong families are intentional on building their families are a sure foundation that will yield success.

Our Family Empowerment Programmes are based on the best-selling book: ‘The Empowering Parent’. 

The programme is delivered over 7 weeks to include: (1) The Empowering Environment (2) The Empowering Studying Habits (3) The Empowering Mindset.

Best Selling Author

If you want to help your child to succeed in education, but don’t know how to partner with them to unlock their potential, this book will provide practical strategies and a blueprint to follow.

Read this book and learn how to:

  •  Discover how an empowering parent will raise happy and confident children.
  • Tap into your child’s learning potential to meet or exceed their school targets.
  • Unlock your child’s talents to create a future career they can be passionate about.